Nursery or personalized care? 5 tips to make the decision.

Nursery or personalized care? 5 tips to make the decision.


Every day there are more offers of care for your dog, but not all furry have the same needs, That is why here we tell you, according to the characteristics of your dog, which is the most suitable service for yours.

Daycare centers are ideal for young, sociable, and high-energy dogs, who will be able to spend several hours a day with more dogs in open spaces and probably in the country.

If your dog is nervous or is not used to crate or traffic, we recommend that someone who does not live very far or who can exercise him in his area takes care of him.

If your dog is dominant and does not get along with other dogs, the ideal is for one person to take care of them, since in daycare they would have to be separated from the other guests, which can generate more anxiety, and they will not exercise as much enough.

If your dog is old, he needs special care and attention. That is why we recommend personalized care and not a nursery, as we know that they need to go at a slower pace and receive a lot of attention.

If your dog is very puppy and has not yet completed its vaccination cycle, it is ideal that someone take care of him at home, away from parks and other unfamiliar pets.


Do you have doubts about what type of service your dog needs in particular? Write us down in the comments and we will help you. Remember that with Pet Valet you can request and find exactly the care profile that your pet needs.


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