Get to know the best parks in Bogotá to go for a walk with your dog

Get to know the best parks in Bogotá to go for a walk with your dog

Because we know how much dogs love going for a walk in a park, we did the task of visiting these 4 places in Bogotá that are ideal for plans with your furry. Get to know them!

The largest and most important in the city. It has 400 hectares of green area, a lake, many trees, and all the necessary space to play sports with your furry and let it run freely, without the danger of nearby vehicles.

Direction: It is located between streets 53 and 64, and from east to west from Carrera 36 to Avenida Rojas.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday from 6:00 am - 6:00 pm


Virrey Park: This ecological park is the perfect meeting point with other furry and friends of yours. If your dog loves to interact with others, this place is ideal. It also has routes for biking, pedestrian paths, rest points, and Pet Friendly restaurants. Remember to take it on a leash, as it is surrounded by roads with traffic.

Direction: seventh career until North Freeway at the height of Calle Eighty-eight

Schedule: It does not have, but it is recommended to frequent it during daylight hours.


Quebrada La Vieja: Technically it is not a park, but it is a natural hydric area, which is perfect for dogs who love walks and especially who enjoy a dip in the water. Along the way you will find many people doing sports with their pets, so it is an ideal plan for you and your pet to get in shape and in contact with nature. At the end of the tour, you will find a great view of the city of Bogotá.

Direction: Calle 71 between Avenida Circunvalar and Carrera Segunda, in the eastern hills of the city.

Hours: 5am -

Park (pending confirmation of the name): This is one of our favorite small parks, as it has permanent visitors with their dogs, and it has a family atmosphere suitable for children. On weekends you can find snack options for your dog.


Schedule: does not have


Do you have a park that you want to recommend? Leave us your comment below.



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