What is Pet Valet?

Pet Valet: designed by pet lovers, for pet lovers.

We know that families are changing and just like children, pet parents always need help!

Pet Valet is the private assistant for pet parents who are always looking for the best for themselves. We make your life easier, that's why we design services like the ones we need and would like to have.

Welcome to a new way of living the new parenthood :)                                                                       

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 Through our App we connect you with the largest and most loving network of caregivers in Colombia. Hire the Pet Lover that best suits your needs and that of your puppy <3. It works like Uber, but at Pet Valet you choose! Get to know our Services: 


Pet Valet Go

Quick support in the moments you need it most: transport, nail trimming, bathing, visiting the vet, vet at home or care while doing a quick lap. 

Pet Valet Day

Leave it during the day with one of our Pet Lovers and receive it ready to sleep! If you need care throughout the day, the caregiver will take you home and treat you like a member of their family :)

Pet Valet Night

Find a warm, safe and loving home so that you can go calmly on a trip, partying or your weekend walk! We will take care of it and we will consent as you would!


If you have questions or a specific need, tell us and we will contact you.