What are tokens?

Una monedas para papás y cuidadores, que puede facilitar
tu vida mucho más de lo que crees.

Tokens are our own "currency".

With it, Pet Lovers (the caregivers who are waiting to give love to your pet) can easily keep track of how much they have earned with their services, but also, every day they go to take care of a furry dog, they must invest in 1 token, which includes insurance and emergency assistance, and the 24/7 support of our team, which represents enormous peace of mind for any dad.

To ensure that only true pet lovers can be Pet Lovers, each Pet Lover who wants to submit proposals through Pet Valet, must previously have enough tokens to cover the service in case of being hired.

The tokens can be acquired easily and cheaply through the App, and are not consumed if the service is not contracted.

Whether you are a dad or a Pet lover, learn the name Token, because more and more things are going to happen with them!