Pet Valet takes on demand services to a true pet friendly level. 

Business Summary

Many Pet Parents cannot spend the amount of quality time with their pets as they deserve. However, thanks to the gig economy, pet lovers can now earn money to take care of other peoples' pets, by becoming a Pet Valet.

In addition to our on-demand services platform, we will offer curated products and services tailored to help parents throughout all stages of pet parenthood. 

Launched in Bogota, Colombia on 2017, Pet Valet has served over 1,000 Pet Parents, and now boasts an army of over 600 vetted Pet Valets in 5 main cities.


Colombia: Currently operating in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla

Target Audience:

1. Pet parents

2. Independent (unemployed or students) pet lovers

3. Corporate / B2B



Since launching in 2016, we have achieved:

Graph #1

  • 10,641 registered users
  • 5,401 Pet Parents and 5,241 Pet Valets.
  • Active users: 64% of Pet Parents have requested at least one (1) service
  • Paying users: 20% of Pet Parents have hired a Pet Valet
  • 5,027 requested services
  • 800 hired services
  • Excellent reviews: 4,8 stars over


PetValet's Cost Of Acquisition:

  • Total marketing investment since launch: $5,000 USD
  • $1,28 USD average cost per registered user
  • $8 USD of paying customers (pet parents)

Sales and marketing:

Current sales and marketing channels:

  • Digital: Social media

Mid term sales and marketing channels (6 months – 1 yr):

1.Digital: Sharing to contacts, refer-a-friend program

2.Alliances: An alliance with “Rappi”, one of the largest Latin America retail marketplaces, will allow Pet Valet to launch in Mexico, Brasil, Argentina and Chile in 2018.

3.Offline and B2B strategy:

  • Valet services at commercial / corporate events
  • Court restaurants, hotels and shopping centers
  • Launch "bring your pet to work day” with corporate costumers 

Revenue model

Current mobile app monetization:
  • Sales of in-app "credits" to Pet Valets. Such "credits" are required to bid on services solicited by Pet Parents
  • We do not intermediate payment or charge commission.
  • Services hired through the platform have 24/7 support and premium insurance coverage.
  • Pet Valet monetization strategy started on February 2018, achieving:
  • $600 USD credit sales
  • 40 paying customers (Pet Valets)

Founder's team

Top dog and co-creator: Andres Jaramillo: 40 yr old, former latam legal director for Oracle and Sun Microsystems, based in Colombia.

Pack leader and co-creator: Andrea Pacio: 31 yr old business administrator with experience in Innovation and strategic roles in banking industry, based in Colombia.

Tech dog: Yulian Castaneda: industrial designer and CEO of BYYUTO LLC an application development company, based in Miami Fl.


Competitor's Table

Competitive advantage:

  • First platform to offer on demand and scheduled services in Colombia.
  • Only pet care marketplace in Colombia (probably in Latin America) with insurance coverage
  • Premium vetted e-commerce offerings to fulfill the practical needs of Pet Parents and Pet Valets.
  • Top rated costumer service
  • No commission or payment intermediation. Valets purchase credits / Tokens to bid


6 month goals:

Consolidate in Colombia and expand to Latin America

1. Recurring services:

  • Daily walks & Daily daycare
  • Experiences (pets & owners)

2. Implement B2B strategy

    3. Commercialize 4 lines of business :
    • Security: GPS , Insurance
    • Smart Products (iRobot, vacuum, cameras, fences, anti bark devices, etc)
    • Accessories: Luxury and practical collars, leads, harnesses.

    1 year goals:

    1. Monetize user base through existing offerings

    2. US footprint (with any of the existing offerings (december 2018)

    5 years goals:

    Consolidate in US and Latin America: Directly or through corporate integration